Our clients

Through the constant interaction with our clients we can respond fast and flexibly to different demands and influences. Problem solving is our highest priority. Our clients are our partners and we treat them as such. Our low client turnover rates and the constantly increasing customer base confirm our strategy. We are constantly striving to strengthen the relationship with our clients and to offer them ongoing assistance.

Our employees

We consider our company as a social system. We have come so far only thanks to our employees’ social competence, their ability to work in teams, their specialised know-how and their mutual support. Human resources are our most important asset. Our human resource management enables our employees to participate actively and to assume responsibility. Through regular training programmes we keep up-to-date with developments in our industry. Optimizing our products and maintaining our values and norms are our primary goals.

Our suppliers

A stable network of suppliers ensures quality and reliable products. We do constantly evaluate and control our suppliers. Nevertheless, we maintain a relationship that corresponds to ethic and social policies. Like our clients, our suppliers are our partners as well and we establish a lasting collaboration with them based on reciprocal trust.